About Us

The Crip Corps intends to be a collective force for Disability justice.

What this website is:
  • A way for people without disabilities to grow in their Disability allyship.
  • A way for Disabled people to grow in their Disability pride.
  • Perspectives shared by many members of the Disability community (for we are a community, not separate special cases).

What it is not:
  • Going to be easy. We'll get things wrong, you'll get things wrong, and instead of turning away, we'll learn and grow.
  • A replacement for other organizations' or individuals' stories. Many people are making many great points, and we want to make it easier for more people to relate to them.
  • A rock band (yet).

If you’re curious about becoming a cofounder or contributor, email us at We’d love to work together.

Aubrie, Paulette, Sara, and all of our future comrades

(Our opinions are our own.)